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How can good surface preparation help with Painting



Some time ago I mentioned how important it was to have a good surface prepared before placing any construction material (Surface Preparation Post). 

One place where surface prep is important is painting. Most home owners have painted a room before and this is one area where surface preparation can help improve the quality of the finish.

If you are painting a raw wall in concrete or drywall priming the wall is a good place to start. But even before priming use rags to remove any dust or dirt on the wall. Do this to allow the paint to adhere to the wall instead of adhering to loose dirt on your wall.

With a clean wall your next step should be to protect any surfaces that should not be painted. All wall sockets, base-boards and other surfaces should be taped and a drop-cloth placed on the ground to protect your floor. At least one coat of primer should be placed on new walls in order to seal the wall and enhance the bond between the new paint and the wall all while preventing the wall from sucking up all your paint.

To calculate how much paint you need you can use my paint calculator here.